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A Year and Some Change

David Stephens

I wrote all these songs in a whirlwind two month period. The title comes from the length of time I lived in Brooklyn and were filled with a cornucopia of emotions, and, as you’ll hear, a heapin’ helpin’ of heartbreak.


David Stephens: Banjo, Baritone Ukulele, Guitar, Dob-Jo, Vocals
Will Robertson: Upright Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Melodica, Vocals 
Matt Phillips: Tenor Guitar, Harmonica, Cornet, Vocals
Leah Calvert: FIddle, Vocals
Sheeky Greensblatt: 1928 Vega Little Wonder Banjolin on Track 13

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Back Home To Dixie 3:35 US$0.99
2 Banana Pudding 3:18 US$0.99
3 Before You Break My Heart 5:38 US$0.99
4 Honey Bee 2:14 US$0.99
5 It Ain't Right 3:19 US$0.99
6 Lights of Brushwick 3:18 US$0.99
7 Lock On My Heart 2:26 US$0.99
8 Lovesong for Ladybug 2:34 US$0.99
9 Lowdown & Lonesome 3:41 US$0.99
10 Mule 2:28 US$0.99
11 Matt's Interlude 0:44 US$0.99
12 New York Town 4:16 US$0.99
13 Prayer For Spring 2:54 US$0.99
14 Trying To Lose A Raincloud 2:28 US$0.99

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