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Family Album

David Stephens

These songs are about my family. Every story here is true, from my Ma-Maw Joiner's fear of the neighbors seeing her bloomers to my Aunt Imogene's wild and reckless ways. Most of these songs came as a result of my grandmother's death from a year long struggle with cancer. After her passing, stories and pictures were passed around the living room. All of the photographs on the album, with only a couple of exceptions, were from an old shoebox in her closet. This album is dedicated to her memory and to pass on the wonderful stories that were shared. Enjoy and consider yourselves extened family.


David Stephens: Banjo, 12-String Guitar, Kazoo, Jaw-Harp, Vocals
Mike West: Mandolin, Guitar, Junk Percussion
John Lutz: Bass, Tub

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Family Album 2:50 US$0.99
2 Ma-Maw's Garden 3:34 US$0.99
3 Furniture Waltz 2:46 US$0.99
4 Retail Job 2:50 US$0.99
5 Baldwin County Breakdown 2:23 US$0.99
6 Wal-Mart Song 2:16 US$0.99
7 Grandmother's House 3:13 US$0.99
8 Jesus, Wonderful Lord (sung by Harlice and Mildred Keown) 3:16 US$0.99
9 Harlice, Wallace & Some Girl 3:16 US$0.99
10 Tent Revival 2:27 US$0.99
11 Imogene 2:13 US$0.99
12 Cousin Jennifer's Corn Chowder 2:39 US$0.99
13 Dave's Breakdown / Beverly 3:38 US$0.99

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