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David Stephens & The Far Cry

David Stephens

Far Cry was the last album I recorded at Mike West’s Ninthward Pickin’ Parlor in New Orleans. It was a magical home studio. It seemed being in that house instantly made you a better musician. This album features Gina Black on upright bass and background vocals, Gina Forsyth on fiddle and Jeff Burke on dobro and mandolin.


David Stephens: Banjo, Twelve-String Guitar, Vocalizations
Ms. Gina Black: Up-Right Bass, PIano, Vocal Accompaniment
Mr. Mike West: Mandolin, Banjo, "Electrified" Guitar, Percussion
Mr. Jeff Burke: Mandolin, Dobro

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 That's All There Is 4:08 US$0.01
2 Little Darlin' 2:30 US$0.01
3 Late In The Evening 3:15 US$0.01
4 Riding On This Train 2:48 US$0.01
5 Biscuits & Gravy 2:10 US$0.01
6 Far Cry 4:12 US$0.01
7 Gonna Be Hard 2:40 US$0.01
8 Hard Way 2:44 US$0.01
9 Mama Jean 3:29 US$0.01
10 Confederate's Bluff 1:32 US$0.01
11 Road Back Home 3:43 US$0.01
12 Pickin' In The Shadows 2:23 US$0.01
13 Leave Her Alone 3:13 US$0.01
14 Mister Devil Man 4:39 US$0.01
15 Watermelon 3:12 US$0.01
16 Don't Bring Me Flowers 6:02 US$0.01

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