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Played By The Rules

David Stephens

After my first dose of Mike West's music, I knew I wanted to write songs and play the banjo. That was five years ago and he and Myshkin continue to inspire me to write songs about life around me. These songs are snapshots of people I have met or places I have been over the last few years. Some were written in my home state of Alabama, others were written during the year-and-a-half I spent in Connecticut. They were written in dorm rooms on frigid nights, in cars driving down the road, or in any quiet corner I could find to sit in and hammer out three verses and a chorus. I am grateful to Mike for thinking enough of these songs to put them on an album. I am grateful to all those who listen to them.


David Stephens: Vocals, Banjo, 12 String Guitar, Kazoo
Stewart Carr: Slide Guitar
Lesley Carr: Washboard
Spider: Dog Collar
Mike West: Mmandolin, Guitar, Percussion, Additional Vocals

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Dinner On The Ground 2:23 US$0.99
2 Mama Tried To Raise A Good Boy 3:55 US$0.99
3 Connecticut Redneck Song 2:59 US$0.99
4 Cabin Made Of Logs 3:20 US$0.99
5 Connecticut Snow 3:20 US$0.99
6 Banjo Man 2:30 US$0.99
7 Pocket Change 3:27 US$0.99
8 Daddy Gets Drunk Every Night 2:50 US$0.99
9 Memories of Paw-Paw 3:40 US$0.99
10 Simple Man 2:26 US$0.99
11 Autumn in New England 3:22 US$0.99
12 Falling 3:08 US$0.99

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