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Postcards From Sadness

David Stephens

Postcards From Sadness was recorded in Mike West’s new studio in Lawrence, KS. These songs mark my transition from living in the South to the brief stint I lived in New York. “Krispy Kreme” is a local favorite of Atlantans.


David Stephens: Banjo, Guitar, Baritone Ukelele, Jaw Harp, Hand Claps, Vocals
Mike West: Banjo, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjola, Percussion, Hand Claps, Harmony Vocals 
Katie Euliss: Upright Bass, Hand Claps
Colin Mahoney: Drums, Percussion
Harry Miller: Piano, Organ
Paul Schmidt: Dobro
Tom Johnson: Trombone

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# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Streets of Mobile 5:15 US$0.99
2 Bar At The End Of The Street 3:12 US$0.99
3 Postcard From Sadness 3:10 US$0.99
4 Krispy Kreme 2:44 US$0.99
5 Only Passing Through 2:47 US$0.99
6 It Don't Hurt 2:53 US$0.99
7 Ramblin' River Blues 4:32 US$0.99
8 Jailbreak 2:43 US$0.99
9 Dirt Road Skip 1:10 US$0.99
10 I Like Her More Than Hee-Haw 3:06 US$0.99
11 The Birds Were Singing Of You 3:39 US$0.99
12 Silverhill 1:54 US$0.99
13 Sunny South 3:34 US$0.99
14 One More Moment 2:47 US$0.99

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