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Gardening wiki

I don't intend this wiki to reflect the complete knowledge about gardening. It's not “all you ever wanted to know” about gardening. The ocean of knowledge about gardening is deep and wide and I know my understanding and experience are limited.

This is not about how to get rich growing veggies. I don't profit financially from my gardening and I don't intend to.

And I don't intend that my ideas have commercial application. (Although the difference from some other organic gardeners may be only a difference of intention. ;-) ) That said, I greatly respect farmers who attempt to grow to make a living. In U.S. civilization that is a difficult thing to do on a small scale. In fact at this time the most profitable role for organic gardening is for the affluent, gourmet audience.

Success in gardening might be much more likely (though never easy) if it were simply necessary for survival.

What I intend to do in this wiki is to share some experiences and possibly useful techniques that I have discovered and have personal experience with. So the topics here reflect my own viewpoints and attitude, not the absolute truth about growing, which, of course, you can find elsewhere on the Internet. Again, there is no attempt to develop a profitable operation.

Generally, I intend to point out small facts I've learned digging in the soil that came as a surprise to me or proved helpful and that some others have perhaps thought too trivial to mention.

Getting intimate

I believe that to garden effectively it is necessary to get intimate, intimate with the soil and intimate with the plants. This means a “down on hands and knees” approach, digging in the soil, examining roots and looking under leaves. The soil and the plants tell what's going on in the garden.

Non-existent pages

I continue to expand the scope of this wiki, so there are some pages planned that don't exist yet.

Links in the sidebar with a broken underline are pages I haven't started yet.

The sidebar indicates those topics I intend to cover “real soon now” as well as those I have completed.

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